Jose Bonet - composer



Jose Bonet

I am Jose Bonet, composer and pianist born in Valencia (Spain) and the music is my language, my eyes, my communication with the world. I studied music notation and piano at the Conservatory of the same city. The author of over sixty piano works , I have wanted to develop a music, Instrumental and romantic from the Classic Music. I like painting a landscape with music, or a castle, a city, and above all, I love giving expression to memories." My passion to listen to the harmoniums made me discover all the churches that officiated with their organs, as well as Bach, a world of sounds that drove me in an uncontrolled way towards music". 

When I listen to my music I feel as if time embraced me, nostalgia for the fall pervades me, the touch of clutched hands speaking of affection or a walk with a tight collar on a Sunday morning. Emotions are related to music, that’s what I always felt. When joy or sorrow pervades me, they seem to walk along my body leaving behind a halo of melodies. Occasionally I have thought about the reason why we can listen to our memories. What kind of faithfulness commits us to them creating a bond that not even the passing of time can break? What is the reason why a powerful force makes an amalgam out of music and emotions, memories and melodies?

I long for the freedom of being able to take distance from my own emotions, to listen to a song after years without immediately going back to a memory or a passage. I would like to absorb only the notes, without invoking the past, to slip along a song without photographs, smells and music intertwining and making a whole. It's not easy, maybe it’s the artists’ tribute, every song, every score takes over a moment of our life, it's irreversible and it’s something that remains sealed until old age takes away our most highly prized good. Our emotions are inseparable fellows of our memories, they are part of their luggage, the make exactly the same itinerary and they live the same story.

When we pluck the strings of the piano, harmonics beautifully vibrate until they are forgotten by our ears, musical paragraphs appear without anybody knowing why they finish in a fireworks’ outburst or subtly die making your heart bleed. Nevertheless, we want to frame music, to define it, maybe to try to understand it, but music is loved or abandoned as any other emotion, reason doesn’t make it either more truthful nor more beautiful. I compose the only music I know how to create. Regardless of the reasons I could find to defend or reject it, nothing would change it. Maybe that’s a kind of restriction for me, but it also calms me down because I can only hope that one day my own notes surprise me.

All songs are stories of relevant moments, of emotions that will always belong to that music. That’s why I have composed them. I would like you to listen to them and to share them with you. My desire is that time passes calmly with my music, that further from the pleasure for the music bars a well-being feeling emerges. I wish that song by song the pages of a beautiful story come into being and that after finishing one paragraph one can look back on the whole page savouring the last moments, as if in the end that sip in its intensity could summarize all the music that has been listened to.

This is part of my life, thank you for joining me. Jose Bonet.